Unified Visual Identity

It’s important that the university present itself in such a way that accurately portrays who we are. Just as importantly, we need to ensure that our visual communications are consistent and reflect a unified and accurate image of a well-established institution.

By visually communicating who we are with a consistent and uniform approach, we’re better able to build recognition and familiarity for CSUSB. See "Why have a unified visual identity?" for more information.

4 sample pages with link to pdf of visual identity manual

While the visual identity manual v1.2 (pdf - 11.4 mb) is intended to set policies and guidelines for the use of the CSUSB's visual identity, it is also meant to provide users with flexibility and assistance so that the university is visually portrayed in a consistent manner. The purpose of this manual is to guide you in creating and strengthening our branding efforts by demonstrating how to correctly use the university’s visual identity package.

The manual can serve as a valuable reference tool in creating communications that further reinforce CSUSB's identity. Some of the information that you will find in the visual identity manual includes:

  • The university name, logos and seal, along with the proper use of each
  • How individual campus units fit in the overall identity architecture of the university
  • How to request logo files and seek approval from the Office of Public Affairs
  • Visual identity support elements
  • CSUSB Stationary samples and how to order them
  • Visual identity web standards

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